13 February 2014

13 Randoms.

I am going to need a new set of TV series to watch soon, real soon. I'm already at Season 4 of Fringe.

Throughout the entire time of visiting people, I found out that there are only 2 houses that I went that serves winter-melon juice box drink. One is Shaun Teng's and another will be my own house. Winter-melon, best!

I enjoy parking at any yellow box now because no need to use the scratchies and no parking man. FREE PARKING IS NICE. Not after 15 Feb. Blehh.

Twenty one days to Korea. Three weeks. Ohhh. I can't wait!

I'm starting to love eating cheesecake and cheese tarts. One box of good yummy cheese tarts. 25 pieces. If you want to buy some, CALL/TEXT/FB/TWEET me! :)

Sha Lynn turning one in two months time. That's fasttt.

I've collected a total of 81 red packets this year. No doubt the most I have collected all of my years that I can remember. 

Floorball Division One is starting this week. This only means our Saturdays are by default gone. Oh well, I'm excited to watch the games. Go fireBRANDS! :)

I'm starting to really like Kurt from Glee.

I spent about RM600++ on my car's aircond two months ago and whenever the car is not moving, it doesn't stay cold. So sad. It's very hard to earn money, and very easy to finish them all. Money is evil. Hah.

Some of the things that we love doing is having me stop by at his office during the day and have a glass of cold Chrysanthemum tea. Simple yet meaningful :)

"We are the champions, my friends.."

I just made a man-pedi appointment on the Feb 25th.