04 February 2014

Chinese New Year 2014.

So many days didn't even bother coming in here to look-see look-see.

I think for my entire life, Chinese New Year has always been the number 1 occasion in the list. I seriously think that even Christmas or my birthday comes in second and third. 

Number 1 because:

  • My family will always get new clothes. A bunch of new clothes. Last time, I even made sure my bed sheet, pajamas set, toothbrush and handbags also must be brand new. Now, I don't do that anymore of course. 
  • Spending the money on new clothes/shoes/bag doesn't make me feel guilty at all. Can just spam since CNY is like fifteen days all together. Wait, I still have 11 days to shop without guilt! :))))
  • Occasion like this calls for mani-pedi sessions and no one *coughsKOAYcoughs* can lecture me.
  • I love the tradition of receiving angpows. Not for the money (believe it or not. Okay, maybe pasrtly lah. Just a small part lah) but just the receiving angpows from people. Also, I don't think I will be receiving them for many more years. So these few years must really treasure receiving! 
  • Relatives all get together for few days straight. It's always nice to be at a home where it's filled with people, especially family people. I love that my grandparents (dad's side) has like 6 children and so many more grandchildren. Love big families.
  • It's a fifteen days occasion. Not just one or two days kind. Long stretched holiday mood.
  • Gaining weight during these few days is okay. It's perfectly fine. 
  • Missing it entirely for one year made me appreciate it even more now.
So yeah, I conclude now that CNY is actually my top favorite occasion. Then, Christmas. 

Today is the FIFTH DAY and the mood is still very much active though work also starts today. 

I wanted to snap more photos for the whole 4 days but I think I was either too caught up with food things or I just kinda didn't bother. Maybe a pinch of lazy too. Haha.

My family's tradition to have a bowl of mee suah on the first day before we start the celebration. It has always been five of us. This year, only four because the sister is out of town. Boohoo. Haha.

 Is Koay really taller than my dad? 

Ladies on the first day :)

Family is a six letter word.

Thank you Skype for making it possible to let us see our cute baby girl, who's now in Bali. 
Indeed, it has been quite torturing to not see our baby girl for about a week already. Three more days till I get to see her face again! THREE MORE DAYS!

Thank you Abigail for inviting us to your lovely house over a lovely meal :)

 Hehemiah buat apa tu? Yes, HEHEmiah.. not NEHEmiah.. 

People close to my heart.

Notice how all four of us are wearing green? 
Great minds always think the same :))

God have blessed me tremendously with this close knitted family.
Thank You Jesus for this family of mine :)

Notice how everyone else is walking in the shade and he's not? I'm not too. 
BECAUSE WE less than three THE SUN!

Visit to Uncle Lim/Mickey/Noonday Sun's house :)

Thank you Aunty Mee Thiew and Uncle Thean Kee for cooking lunch and having us over to your house. LOVE THE FOOD AND LOVE YOUR FAMILY! :)

 With Uncle Heok Hooi and Aunty Phaik Lean. The fourth house of the day:)

Our spontaneous visit to Uncle Heok Hee and Aunty Guek Chan's house.

All the unique people unite. 

First day of work and I'm slowly warming up to it. Slowly.. :)

Chinese New Year isn't over yet, guys.