31 March 2014

Nine Notifications.

Since I don't really have anything specific to blog about, I shall just do some quick updates of every little things that has been happening.

1. Hairy Legs.

"You! It's your fault that my arms and legs are so hairy!"

I told my dad long time ago. 

Seriously! Where got girls with so much hair on their arms and legs eh? I mean chinese girls and no, I wasn't being racist or anything. It's just facts lah. So, please DO NOT get offended :)

Anyways, this is no joke business okay. One of the things I hate doing but die die also have to do is removing hair from my legs. I don't shave them because it's too dangerous. Hah. I use Veet shower cream, which is troublesome. Actually not really but anything to do with removing hair is troublesome. 

Sometimes, I prefer plucking them. A bit painful but I kinda like it better. No need use cream all. 

Oh, and the leg in the photo is not mine. I hope you actually knew that!

2. Roadtrip.
I drove all the way to Sungai Petani with my manager the other day and met up with another soon-to-be-ex-colleague. We visited 6 corporate, big and small. For lunch, we went to this food court and they have like sooo many things to eat. We ended up having this special curry mee. The soup tastes like our normal curry mee (prolly slightly better) and they serve the noodles with fish meat! TWO HUGE PIECES OF FRESH FISH MEAT. It's not those kind cheap cheap eh fish okay. It's good stuff, really. 

That was my first time trying and ever since then, I find myself craving for it so much more. To the point I try convincing Koay to go on weekends just to have the curry mee. 

3. Food-Blog.

Speaking of food now, I might as well talk about our 2years1month1week2days' old blog. I think for the entire month of March, we hardly did anything. Not because we no longer have the passion but more so that we both didn't even have time go for a proper meal together. 

I'm actually quite thankful that March is over. One more sleep to the fourth month, yes!

4. Lor Mee.
Appetite going haywire lately. I am never a big fan of lor mee. I can have them for snack time and stuff but never really for a main meal, be it lunch or dinner or even breakfast (which I just had this morning!).

But now, I find myself wanting to go places famous for lor mee. What has gotten into me i wonder..

Every season sure got new crave.

5. Birthdays.

It's funny to see how much effort/money/time is used to plan a baby's birthday. A one-year-old baby. She won't even have any memory of her first birthday, but I do think that this celebration is more for the parents. I don't even remember my first 5 birthdays. 

So difficult to choose the "right" place to have it and what kind of "theme" and who to invite et cetera. In the end, a simple good meal with the family would be more than enough. No need to spend so much since there'll be many more birthdays to come. Baby shall not be spoilt. Haha. 

Nineteen days to baby girl turning one. 

May-June-July : Vanessa - Rachel/Kah Wei - Koay.

6. Burnt Cemetery.
Cheng Beng is an occasion where people get together at a deceased family member's grave and do things of their own belief. 

Even after accepting Christ, my whole family makes sure that we are always present. It's one of those occasion where we meet-up with our cousins, uncles and aunties and we just bond. The rest will pray, burn paper-clothes/car/watch/money and wait till everything is done. For us, we always sit by the stairs and hold the umbrellas. 

It has always been like 30 plus of us going to grandma's "garden" every year. As our family keep growing, there's more and more coming. So lau juakk. Syiookkk.

7. Candy Crush.
Yes, still actively playing this. I won't say I'm addicted to it I think. It's just that everytime I pass a level that took me two months plus, it felt so good and makes me want to keep going up and then when I'm stuck, I will like get angry a while then back to it again.

I wonder how it's going to take to make me stop completely. Playing on the goldii super nice sumore. 

8. Kim Chi.
Almost everytime I eat at home now, I will need to eat my rice with kimchi. 

9. Winter Wonderland.
No idea about spring and autumn, but so far, I am loving winter to the core-st of my core. One thing I miss most is winter. Serious. I don't know how else to show my love towards winter. Maybe if I name my daughter 'Winter'? 

Crazy girl.