28 May 2014

A Night In The Hospital.

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter or are friends with me on Facebook, you would already know that we (my eldest sister and I) spent a night with the lil sister in the hospital last night.

Rachel went in first at about 9pm and I was still at home. I reached the hospital at about 10pm and once I passed the security guard at ground floor, I thought it wasn't safe yet, since I still have to pass the nurse station. 

The whole 'eye ward' is pretty empty so the nurse knows who you are there for. I just walked normally, passed the station and said a very friendly hi. 

After spending some time in the room, we figured that the nurses knew there were 2 people in there but they were so kind to not say anything.

Kind but lazy! I'm sorry but according to the doctor, Vanessa's treatment was to go through INTENSIVE EYE DROPS HOURLY in order to 'kill' the bacteria that's attacking her cornea. When Rachel went out to ask if they coming in soon to put the eye drops, they simply answered, "Malam tak letak pun tak apa!"

SERIOUSLY!? I got angry upon hearing that but I couldn't do anything. If I confront them, they might be rough to her next time or they might just shoo me away and I've got no car to go home.

So, I woke up every 30 minutes (at first) to clean her right eye and put those eye drops. Then, every 1 hour because I was physically so tired. Then, every two hours. I'm not trained for this guys! Anyways, I tried my best in waking up as often as I can to clean her eyes and put those antibiotics. 

My dad came at 8am and I told him about it. What if Rachel was the only one that accompanied her? She didn't have the courage to do it then how? So, my dad informed the doctor in a nice way because this is an eye we're talking about. 

I like the nurses there. They are friendly and stuff, but it's just disappointing that they said that. Imagine for other patients, they could have recover faster but because the nurses feel that at night no need to do treatment also nevermind, then they just spend more days in hospital.

Of course it's not easy to be a nurse but it's really important that they do what the doctor say. Very important.

I'm sorry if this turns out to be an angry post but this is my sister's life we're talking about. Her vision. It's important.

Okaylah, not going to end it like that. More happy news now.

According to the doctor, her condition has improved quite a lot. The pus between her cornea has reduced. The bacteria has been identified. They are still working on the one spot that continues to thin her cornea. This is very dangerous because if her cornea is scarred, her vision is affected. 

Other than that, her emotions are getting better. Thank you guys for visiting her and making her laugh. Laughing definitely speeds up her recovery. 

Earlier, she didn't know about her condition. She asked my dad and he explained everything to her with my mom there. Both of them cried of course because it is a tough thing to absorb. We continue to pray as a family and believing for complete healing. 

There is no way we can thank you all enough for spending hours at the hospital just making her feel better. It meant so much to us. Also, to take turns taking care of her so that we could rest at home.