02 May 2014

My 2014's Labor Day.

Labor Day packed like don't know what.

We all woke up super early in the morning at 8 o'clock. Okaylah, 8 isn't that early but for a public holiday, IT IS. 

Anyways, this is one of the events where my dad, the main organizer who did everything from collecting money for the funds, coming out with the timeline to getting everyone in the Khoo clan to come together on this day and spend amazing time together.

The truth is it has been a bit more difficult to have everyone together at one place ever since my grandma, my dad's mom passed away years ago. It has always been at her house where my uncles/aunties/cousins meet at a very regular basis. Since her passing, my dad has championed that older brother role and making sure that we don't only meet on special occasions like weddings and chinese new year.

So, yes, Labor Day this year was a big day to all of us. 

We all met at Subway, Straits Quay where everyone is entitled to a sandwich each before the competition begins. So, eat away we did. Eat and talk, eat and talk and feed the baby and feed the baby some more so she doesn't get cranky. 

Then, time to warm up and put our game face on. But first, let Koay mop the floor because it was too slippery and like dusty/powdery. That itself is warm up for him already. It looked okay but the place is quite huge for one person to mop with eyes all looking at him. Not all eyes lah. Some people were later than the meeting time which is totally expected. Khoo family what. Hah.

The day started with two sets of Men Single, and followed by many other games. We have about 30-40 people. Yep, I have a very big family and loving it. That's why I want big family myself too. My grandparents have 6 kids. Hmm.. 6 doesn't look that bad ma hor? Heh.

My dad even special ordered and made these little trophies so that everyone will go back with something. Something memorable and something that they can keep. You can't see it in the photo but he also have our family photo printed on the side of these little goodies.

Kids also have of course. After the adults one ended, we then have a short session for the kids. We only have 4 kids that can actually play badminton (I think they play even better than me) and the rest are babies and toddlers. Such an eventful day even for the kids. I remembered Kelly being excited the night before, and she kept asking me which shorts she should wear in the morning. 

We were all divided into three teams. Team captains are Adrian Koay, Kah Wei and Steven Wong (eldest cousin). All these three captains are captains obviously because badminton is what they are really good at. All three plays badminton few times a week. Mad right? 

No prizes for guessing which team won first. Haha. So yeah, the day went one smoothly with babies crying occasionally because it was really hot and they were sleepy. Sha Lynn and Sheldon (our two youngest babies) were very good because they cry a little but fell asleep very quickly despite the noise and heat. *clap hands*

My dad estimated the day to finish at 5pm but it was only about 315pm after the prize giving. Yay to Koay and I because we needed to rush to another location for another family tournament. This time it's bowling. Two sports in a day. Not bad leh for Sarah Khoo. Heh. 

So, who won first place? 


First place with a gold mini trophy each: Team Steven Wong.

First place with a silver mini trophy each: Team Kah Wei.

First place with a bronze mini trophy each: Team Adrian Koay.

Hahahaha. THIRD PLACE OKAY. In another word, LAST PLACE! Koay used to be state player sumore. But then again, it was teamwork. He was the only one that won the match they he was playing in. The rest of us, all elek. All makan telur. Eh eh wait. I won one also in a mixed double with my uncle. 

Most of us either don't play badminton on a regular basis or never play before. Haha. It was fun though. 

Oh oh then the kids. Each get a medal. Wooots.

See! Everyone's happy day! 

And this is not all for the numbers. Quite many were absent because some overseas and some got business to do. So yeah. Khoo clan ftw :)

Right after that, Koay and I rushed back to my house. I got myself a very speedy shower and off we went to meet with his parents and picked Joe & Jaryn from Queensbay. Koay got no time to shower also and no time to have lunch. Good also lah, we both can lose some fats. 

With his family, it was also an annual kinda thing. Last year, we had a bowling contest girls vs boys and we lost. So, it was like a re-match. No need to say also know that the blue team wins once again. All the boys played really well leh. For me, my balls masuk longkang don't know how many times. 

Ever since I hurt my wrist last year, bowling is the one sport that I never enjoy anymore. So yeah.. I did my best though :) If Chloe wasn't in the list, I will most likely be the one with the least score. Haha. It was a fun night. Before heading home, we dined at the food court. Their yummy curry fish head is very yummy. I think last time better but it was still quite good. Maybe my tummy was so empty that whatever goes inside, it would be great. Who knows? 

And that was our Labor Day. A very eventful and memorable day spent with our families and as tired as I am right now, thinking back carves a wide smile on my face. 

And it's Saturday tomorrow, even more reason to smile. 

On a side note, 9 more sleeps to Thailand. NINE MORE.