05 May 2014

Three Words.

Today has got to be the busiest Monday since I've started work. 

Or it could be because the lift is not working and I've walked couple of times up and down the stairs. My table is on the 4th floor. Yep.

But in the midst of all the crazy things going on in this office today, I miss my best friend. My head is packed with so many things to do for roadshows and advertisements and running here and there, but my heart misses the boy. 

Not that we haven't been spending a lot time together. In fact, we have been seeing each other everyday for the past two weeks. 

I don't know what you call it, but I miss him. I miss seeing his silly face, his hand holding mine. 

I miss being with him. 

It's crazy because I just saw him yesterday, and I'm missing him like it's been few weeks not seeing him. 

What do you call this really?

Busy like mad but still have time to think of the boy who never fails to say, 'I love you' everytime we end a conversation. Even if it's just a 'I'm downstairs. You can come down now', he will always end with those three lovely words.

I miss you, you gila boy.