07 May 2014

Vanessa Turns Nineteen.

The lil sister turns 19 this year.

Her last year of being a teen. Not that it's a reason to call for a big celebration.

Since we are not going to get her fancy prezzie this year, we thought why not plan for her a nice friends gathering kind of surprise birthday lunch.

This year, I think there were quite a handful of surprises that she got that she did not expected it at all. At least not all lah. 

On 2nd May, mom baked a really nice and moist chocolate cake since Vanessa is in love with them and we waited till everyone got home and had a quick simple one. It was inexpensive but very meaningful because everyone was there. 

Kelly took this photo that's why a bit blur.

Koay took this photo that's why can see the 'unwanted' background all. Hahaha. Love you still babe.

Funny thing though, when we sang the birthday song, Sha Lynn thought it was for her. Her expression and reaction was priceless. Haha. 

Then, on Friday night just before cell group, some of the Forge members came over and decorated her room with pretty fairy lights, photos and 'love' notes. IT WAS SO PRETTY that the first thing she does now when she wakes up is on those lights and go back to sleep. Awww.. Such love is in her room. 

I thought I saw some water in her eyes as she reads those notes *winks*

Excuse me, Mister Koay if you are reading this now, you know what to do. Hahaha. Kidding lah. I still haven't fix up the balls of lights that you got for me. Maybe we paint my room again? Other colors this time? :)

Okay back to her birthday. 

Somewhere along the weekends, she received sweet gestures from her friends and stuff, so that was really nice. One of it that I really thought that it was sweet was Jonathan sending a box of KFC meal to the cafe when she was working. Manatau, she forgot to bring them home. *clap hands* 

The surprise that we planned for her was a birthday lunch at Seoul Garden. It has always been her favorite place to eat. We don't go there often because it's just barbeque and steamboat at a very expensive price. So yeah.

We invited all her friends and get them to be there at 145pm. I only told her that it was going to be lunch with Koay, Kelly and me. That was going to be her birthday prezzie from Koay.

She walked in, and walaaa! I think what shocked her most is seeing her high school friends there as well. Earlier, I told Sue Ann to ask her for a movie/makan outing that day afternoon and I 'convinced' Vanessa to nicely tell Sue Ann that she cannot make it because got lunch with me. 

So, Vanessa initially felt sad that she cannot join her friends all,  but when she saw her friends face in Seoul Garden, she was shocked and happy. Yay to us!

Thank you guys for making it a great one and for paying for yourself. Hehe.