26 May 2014

Corneal Ulcer.

Friday night, she came home with a red eye and rested early. She woke up the next day to only have the condition of her eye worsen. So, she rested the whole day and on Sunday noon when we checked on her again, we noticed a white patch right in front of her eyeball and couldn't get it out. 

That was when we rushed her to Emergency at GH. 

Considering that there were quite many people at the Emergency Section, I would say we got to the doctor quite fast. 

After all the checking and taking samples from her eye WITH A NEEDLE, we finally were able to check in. 

Corneal ulcer is an open sore on the cornea. If not treated immediately, it could cause possible loss of eyesight.

It is a seriously very dangerous thing.

How she got it still remains unanswered.

Doctor/we suspected it could be partly from the contact lens. Apparently, people who have got this ulcer are all contact lens users. So yeah..

Do keep her in prayers.