08 May 2014

Work Mode: Off.

My working mode is already off. 

Today, I literally had to drag myself out of the house to go PSDC.

It's difficult to see my family all dressed up and packed with their mini luggage and heading for work-less weekends. If only this roadshow is postponed. If only. My sister kept sending me photos of the fat baby and it's so torturing! :(

What makes it worse is Alvin also going on a holiday tomorrow until Monday. WHAT IS THIS! Everyone going on holiday earlier than me. 

Our trip to Thailand is not really a holiday. I would love to think that it is but it's really not. It's going to be everyday-under-the-sun-painting-walls and get surrounded by 200+ kids. I can only imagine the energy level that I have to keep whenever I have spare time. 

One good news is that for sure it's stress-free. It's going to be tiring but it's going to be the most rewarding one. I remembered 5 of us were already talking and planning for this last year, just weeks after we came back.

The next one week is gonna be filled with smiles, sweat and hopefully no blood. HOPEFULLY!

Oh, weekend, you come faster a bit, thank you.