09 May 2014

Cook What?

*last night at Tesco*

Koay: *thinking at a corner by himself* Okay! Saturday I'll cook breakfast. Western style.

Me: Har! Why suddenly?

Koay: Sajalah.. Okay, now what we need. Eggs.. Bacon.. Orange juice *grabs a bottle of Twister*

Me: *follows along* *whispers* Salmon..

Koay: *ignores me* Western breakfast got what some more? How to cook the egg? Okay, I'll just do omelette..

Me: What are you going to put in the omelette?

Koay: *looks at me for very long* Actually, a lot of things to put inside hor..

Me: Mmhmm..

Koay: Aiyaa.. So many things eh. No need to cook d lah. *looks at me for approval*

Me: YESS! I very lazy to cook and wash and stuff. Can we just go out eat? 


We actually wanted to cook a nice romantic dinner tonight but gave up because lazy to prepare the stuff and cook. Then, he tried to do breakfast but we quickly agree that it's not going to happen. 

Good to know we have mutual understanding in this area. Hah.