22 May 2014

10D9N Thailand Part I: Travelling.

All the other parts are updated too! Part II, Part III and Part IV.

Date: 11-20 May 2014
With: Pastor Cowan, Nikki, Andrew, Vanessa and lover.

The day finally came. We celebrated Mother's Day in church and then lunched with a few buddies. It was an exciting day because the day finally came for us to go to our mission field. You can really tell that we're pumped up by the way we talked perhaps. Talking and smiling and taking photo with the uncle who refused to smile with us.

I love travelling, more so when it's with people that I know and people I'm comfortable with. But the first day of all the travelling was so tiring I can't even. We already expected it so it wasn't as bad as it looks. I remembered feeling so thankful when we were at Vineyard Outreach. Even more thankful when I lied down on their bed. I think I took a short nap while some of the team went down and wrestled with the kids. Haha. Really tak boleh tahan. I love travelling but I have motion sickness. So annoyingly sad.

Anyways, despite the tiredness, we all have so much fun together. We somehow are able to find the strength to laugh at each other. There are times we felt like zombies but when someone teases someone or someone did something really clumsy and silly, our laughters are often the loudest. I kid you not! Especially that moment when we were all supposed to sleep to gain our energy for an early flight to Chiang Mai and we spent a good 30 minutes laughing our heads off at Nic using Macbook's photobooth. We laughed the loudest and hardest there. People around us were probably very annoyed because they were all sleeping. One of them is Koay. He fell asleep almost immediately when we found our sleeping spot. Nic has a gift, we just discovered. Later you will see some of the snapshots. It's funnier in video because of how he moves. Funniest if you can hear him. Keet Chai ah Keet Chai..

So, we traveled for four hours and arrived at KL at about evening time. Our first destination was Andrew's new place. Since we taking a flight to Chiang Mai, it's only wise to park our Toyota AVANZA (big letters because I lose the bet to Nic, being so convinced that it was an Innova!) at Andrew's place and take the KTM to KL Sentral. So, we stopped there, took a nice warm shower and toured the place a bit.

The infinity pool is the best ever! It's view is seriously crazily beautiful. So perfect. Perfect for a small birthday gathering. Actually, it's perfect for marriage proposal! Andrew, I found a spot for your proposal d! :)

The thought of going to KL Sentral via KTM was horrible because of all the boxes that we've got. So, when Andrew's sister's friend offered to send us there, such relief went through my body. Such relief. 

We got to KL Sentral and bought the tickets to KLIA 2. Taking a taxi will cost us a bomb since there's 5 of us and that means we'll have to get 2 taxis. So, via Aerobus it is. Only RM10 per pax for one way. Okay what.

While waiting for the bus, we went to have dinner. KFC again. In one month, I think I have too many times of KFC d. Jelak liau.

It took us about 1 hour to reach KLIA 2. We slept in the bus for a while. I wouldn't say that it's a comfortable bus ride because the condition inside the bus so horrible, but again it's cheap compared to other alternatives like the KLIA Express, which costs about RM35 per way. That one takes only 33 minutes to KLIA 2. 

KLIA 2 is better than what I expected. It's huge, bright, clean and fun. Fun because really can shop till you drop there. When I saw the ASK ME, I got very excited. I thought that they looked so cute walking around with that giant board. Looked cute lah but I wouldn't want to be doing what they do. Leg sure pain like no one's business. A few times our luggage dropped on the floor because we all waled in front of Andrew and stopped without warning. So many times till he almost got angry. Haha. Such an angry boy la.

We walked from floor to floor, explored the airport and finally found a level that became our bedroom. We saw quite a number of people on the floor so we thought this must be it already. Too bad no plug points there. Look below to see the snapshots that entertained us for a good half an hour. I went  to sleep right after. Nic and Vanessa read books, Andrew don't know do what with his laptop and Koay snoring away already. Pastor Cowan joined us after that. 

Our flight was at 6:55am AK854 arriving at Chiang Mai at 8:40am (Thailand's time which is 1 hour before us). We got up at 4:30-ish and washed up. Did our group check in. We were so worried that our baggage allowance of 20kg each will not be enough. Our personal things not heavy, the items were very heavy. Good thing we still had extra of 30kg I think. It was very early in the morning right so it's a good excuse to makan on board. Very expensive leh. I sholud have pre-book my meals. 20% cheaper. Anyhow, hungry already so don't care liau. Both Koay and I ordered one meal each. We tried the Chef's Recommendation :) We will be posting it up soon on WhatTwoEatHere :)

We arrived at Chiang Mai safely and proceed to the Bus Terminal for our next 3 hours of bus ride. By this time, I was already so exhauste. We all were. So, we slept 90% of the bus ride. When we reached Chiang Rai, we were early so we had quick lunch at a random makan place. Pastor Randall came and it was another 45 minutes car ride to the place that we stayed. 

Get to bathe and lie down, best thing ever after long day of travelling.

Travelling itself already such a long post. I can not post such a lengthy post about this trip but years down the road, i want to be able to read these and smile. Then, maybe my children can read it too, read about their mommy's life. Haha. I say till like I'm going to die young like that. 

Alright. That's about it for today. 

Keep reading to find out more about this trip. It has been a fruitful one. Also, if you got extra time, feel free to click on the ads :)