23 January 2015

Ipoh Mali Ipoh Ipoh Mali.

It felt really nice to take one day off in the week to go on a really short vacation with the family. Even if that means have to sacrifice one day of annual leave. Good thing it was just two hours away since we only have 2D1n so wouldn't want to spend most of our time travelling in the car on the highway.

We left in one car after work on Wednesday and slowly drive our way to Symphony Suites where we all stayed a night in a room. This kind of thing brings back memories. When we were much younger, we (the three sisters) always sleep together, be it on the floor, a very thin mattress, on a blanket or just plain floor. 

My family were doing averagely okay when we were young and even though our Tanjung Court's house had three rooms, we always chose to sleep together even if that means that it's less comfortable and warmer. If one of us had to sleep on the floor and the other on the bed, then we would think of something so that all can sleep in the same condition. It was only Rachel and I in the beginning but as Vanessa grew older, we included her into our 'gang'. No choice right? Heh kidding.

When Rachel got married, Vanessa and I obviously moved into our own room. I had the bigger room of course since I'm 7 years older than her. Hah. 

So now it's very difficult to have this kind of sleepovers just like how we used to do it. Not until when we went to Ipoh. The parents and the baby on one bed and the three of us on another wooden-not-that-hard-half-bed. Back to the past yo.

I remembered sleeping really well despite my blocked nose. Apparently, the two others who slept on my right and left each didn't get good sleep at all. According to Vanessa, I snored throughout the entire night! Oh and I was louder than my dad!


I concluded that it was my blocked nose. Heh.

I hope I'm not being too lengthy here but I do want to keep this here so that I can read back and smile. 

Anyways, moving on got a very interesting story! READ ON OKAY?

We got up early and went to Foh San for dim sum. I tried before the shop opposite and beside but still find Foh San nicer and a bit more expensive lah. 

This photo is actually what Koay had this morning on his way to crazy city for the week for floorball national training. Since he sent me this photo, I shall just use it because I was too busy eating my dim sum that morning that I didn't bother snap snap.

After that, we went to the new shopping mall. No idea what it's called. This comes the exciting part.

We parked the car, got to the washroom to freshen up and be more comfortable so that we can enjoy the rest of the shopping without toilet breaks in between. 

We started out at the lower ground floor and made our way up to the 1st floor. This was when I felt the cramps and I knew it was going to get worse. I told my parents and Vanessa to go ahead first and I will go downstairs to get some panadols for the cramps.

I walked into Guardians and took those panadols and grabbed one mineral water off the shelves. I was walking towards the counter when I felt cold chills on my neck and I was finding it really difficult to breathe.

I hold myself against the counter and popped one pill and swallowed. That time, I couldn't even talk properly because I couldn't even breathe properly. I asked the cashier if there is a place for me to sit down or lie as I'm feeling really not well. She said no. 

She wasn't being rude lah because she explained that it's a cashier counter and there's money involved right. What if I'm part of a sindiket who has this trick to pretend I'm sick all then rob them sort of thing lah.

Anyways, she told me that there's chairs outside if I really needed to sit down. She gave my change back and at that time, I was dragging my feet to the nearest chair because my vision was turning dark. 

Just before I reached the chair, I blacked out completely. Rested for a few minutes alone on the chair while still holding my purse and iPhone tighly because scared someone come and steal. Hah. Then, the breathing got more difficult and the cramps came.


Vanessa texted me, "Sudah hilang kah you?"

After getting out from the black-out, I called back and told her I blacked out.

They came and I started vomiting. There goes my dim sum in that Guardians' plastic bag. It was a painful vomit because it was just painful lah. I don't even know how to describe it. 

I was shaking and vomiting and having cold sweats.

Minutes before, I was fine pushing the stroller. True definition of sudden.

We all went back to hotel and I rested for 45 more minutes and we checked out. By then, I was feeling a lot better, but weaker. We went to Jaya Jusco and had lunch and walked around for a bit before we bid farewell to Ipoh.

Lost my appetite whatsoever but needed to eat something because if I don't, hypoglycemia might attack again. I only ate half of it anyways. 

Put on some lip gloss and looking fine again :) Vanessa must be really sleepy. Hah.

Well, I am very thankful that it happened in Ipoh and not when I'm in Johor this weekend with 3oo other staffs of Holiday Tours & Travel! 

Few more hours and here I come! This time, we are going to stay at Double-Tree Hilton! SUPERB! :)

So many things to be thankful for.

Have a great weekend ahead, guys :)