08 January 2015

Victor, Rama and Arya.

I was at the original North Zone Church of FGA Centre on a fine Sunday. I was standing right in front of the notice board where updates on church missionaries are all posted up there. There was one particular guy who stood out among all other missionaries.

I was looking at his photo. He was sitting on top of a water tank, topless and smiling at the photographer. I saw all kinds of tattoos on his body and suddenly, I felt that I needed to meet this man. I want to meet him and hear his stories. From what I have heard earlier, he was a drug addict and God changed his life and now he became who he is today.

Those were just stories that I hear from people.

So, there and then, I poked the photo (I have no idea why I poked it at that time) and I prayed (I was a brand new Christian)

"God, I want to meet him in person and hear his stories"

That was 12 years ago.

I'm not gonna go into details because it'll be too long.

He came back from India one day and was working with FGA Centre.

I DID MEET HIM and I DID HEAR HIS STORIES from the person himself. I was instantly reminded of that prayer that I made many years ago. So, I was super thankful.

Then, he was appointed to be the Youth Pastor of fireBRANDS.

Like whatttttt?

I did'n't only get to meet him, become his friend.. I was super blessed to work alongside him for few years. Those years were one of the best years in fireBRANDS for me. 

He was an answered prayer and God did not only gave me what I prayed for but more. He was a blessing that moved me into tears and left me in silence.

Yes, I was really sad when he left fireBRANDS. I've loved working with him and always will. For sure got opportunity again in the future, I believe. 

I love this beautiful family. Victor, Rama and Arya.

We went for dinner together last night and we talked till 12:15am at the balcony overseeing the beach. What can be better? Nothing.

Seriously nothing.

Just for fun, three of us are wearing braces now! Heh.

Thank you Mr Tesco, Rama and Arya for being a part of my life. We love you guys! :)

Ohhh and I want my babies to be like Arya. She's the easiest and nicest baby to be around with. COME LET CHE CHE SARAH BABYSIT YOU FOR ONE DAY, ARYA! :)

p.s excuse the photo quality. It was taken with the Samsung, not iPhone. Heh. Oh by the way, it felt good not having a phone by my side throughout the night. So good.