16 January 2015

Sixteenth of January.

I am still looking for a cover for the phone. It's hard to find one that I like and willing to pay for because those that I like costs more than RM50 usually.

I cannot believe that we will be celebrating our three years together in few days time. Good times always passed by quicker than realized. 

I need to eat banana leaf rice sooooon.

I just realized that I'm supposed to get extra 2 days leave this year for working for more than 2 years already. Yeeehaa!

I still didn't manage to find out what was it that makes me itchy every once in a while. No idea what food items.

Everyday since 1 January 2015, ONE baby cockroach will crawl out and roam around my table. That's 16 baby roaches that I've killed. No kidding. Today, I was so frustrated that I took my WhatTwoEatHere's name card and killed it. I JUST CLEANED MY WHOLE ENTIRE TABLE TWO DAYS AGO. I don't know what else to do.

I didn't realized that getting a new calculator can bring so much joy it's ridiculous.

I'm quite excited for the HQ's Annual Trip to Johor next week. Get to stay at Hilton and spend a whole afternoon at Legoland, playing Amazing Race with the other 270 staffs of Holiday Tours & Travel. Yes, my company is huge and quite famous if you ask me :)

Yes, our packages may be slightly more pricey but we guarantee good quality. We put very high priority to making your holiday/travelling a memorable one. Of course unless you just want to step foot in that country and don't bother about the kind of hotel you stay and kind of food you eat.

I am very proud to be part of this company. The pay isn't much but I wake up easy every morning because I love doing things for this travel agency. 

The other day, Muthu and I almost had an argument through Whatsapp (because we were both at work) and what he did after we stopped was sweet. Obviously, we were kinda cold to each other because just kinda argued right? So, like ten minutes later, he sent over a voice message. I waited till I was out of the office only play it because who knows maybe he wants to continue the argument or something right? Turns out, it was him singing a song alongside with the radio.. "Oh uu oh uu yeahyee yeahyee, I love you more than I can say.. I love you twice as much tomorrow.. woah love you more than I can say.."

I have been craving for grilled chicken breast meat a lot lately. 

It looks like most likely scuba diving plan this year has to be postponed. Something else in our mind. Heh.

I do not like the fact that I'm so close to the big three zero. It sucks, but since I'm such a positive person, I shall always be 22.

I've been quite disciplined in my eating habits. Quite proud of myself.

It's going to be a year with many changes. MANY.