06 January 2015

With Love.

One more spontaneous night with Muthu.

Right after dinner, he went inside my room for a while and came out to the dining area and..

"Okay, this is what we gonna do tonight. We gonna clean your room!"

"No we're not. Don't be crazy lah. Ain't nobody got time to clean room now lah"

"Yes we are. You don't need rest lah. Everyday also want to rest"

"What you mean clean the room?"

"Everything except the cupboard"

"Errr, okay.." *looking super reluctant*

"I will clean for you and you do whatever I ask you to do, okay?"

"I don't think I have a choice yes?"

*walks into my room and starts throwing everything out*

This is prolly one of the sweetest thing he has ever done in our almost-3-years relationship. He always claims that he's not the romantic type and he doesn't believe in spending money on fine dining etc. What he fails to realize is that all the things he does is very romantic in its own ways already. 

Never in my wildest dream I've ever imagined that I'd be so blessed with someone like Muthu.

He loves cooking, washing dishes, do the laundry and clean the house. The only thing he hates is the ironing, which I love doing! Your perception of 'blessing' may be very different from mine but this? This is just one of the best blessing everrr.

It's a known fact that I'm a lazy person. I HATE DOING HOUSE CHORES. Maybe because I do them quite a lot when I was much younger, I think. Heh. And for him to LOVE doing all that is just superb! No arguments whatsoever of who should do or having roster or something. Heh. 

Last night, when he decided to clean my room, he knew what he was getting himself into. I only clean my room like once a year or something. I also must be like mentally prepared to do it and it's not like a last-minute kind of thing. So this one, I totally not prepared. 

While he takes everything out and wipes every corner, I sat on my bed, going through all the papers and 'treasures' to see if I want to keep them or not.

Then, I found this.

A decade ago, from Koko UY.

I miss you, UY. It's been ten years. 

Let me tell you of how I got my nickname 'Kutu' (It's supposed to be spelled as Khoo2). The person who started it was UY. He thought of it very randomly because I'm the second child in Khoo Family so one day he decided I shall be named Khoo2 then.

As time goes by, people just started spelling it as Kutu. Heh.

Crazy huh how time flies? I didn't even realized that it has been 10 years. It has always been nice to have an older brother, literally. He used to take me/us (sometimes with Judson and Daniel) to lunch after school and I remember having so much fun whenever he's around because he's just so.. so Eu Wye. Miss ya, Koko UY! :)

Anyways, I took quite a while to decide whether to throw some of the things or not and Muthu was very patient with me of course. 

Ohh! He also found a lot of hidden handbags so there goes my attempt trying to get myself another Sometime bag. The 'I don't have any other bags I can use' and 'My bags all spoil d' excuses are now invalid. Haha. Oh wellz.

He bought the lights sometime ago and now it's being put to good use. The photos all falling out. Ahhhh. Susah ni. 

Muthu, thank you for cleaning up my room. That was a lot of trash thrown out. Probably one quarter of the one quarter of my life or something. You even made my dad thanked you for doing it. Hah. You crazy fella. Okay bye.

Okay thanks for reading :)