31 October 2014

Be Professional Please.

Weeks ago, I attended my very first garden/beach wedding at ParkRoyal Hotel, Penang.

It was so beautiful and it has always been how I would want my to be held. Probably not in the garden but by the beach. 

I 've mentioned many times before that I love attending weddings. All kinds of weddings, I just love watching people get married and the details of the decorations spread throughout the hall.

When I was at the garden, I looked at everything carefully as if it was my own's. I observed and I love how things are so simple and pretty.

However, there is this one thing that is actually quite common in weddings or any formal banquet style events.

The chairs.

Let me show you a photo of the wedding chairs at the garden.

My goodness. I was so angry when I saw this. So angry that I pointed out to Koay and that also not enough. I kinda continued telling him that it's very unacceptable okay. All that complaining during the ceremony. He also quite okaylah since he never shhhh me. 

It's not just this last row okay. I went and see the rest after the ceremony and all also this teruk. So difficult to tie a ribbon nicely? It's just like 50 chairs.. Not 500! Even if it's 500 chairs, I think the hotel should make sure it's properly done. 

People spend like what 5-6 figures on having you to be part of their big day okay, and you can give your client this kind of thing.


People pay a lot a lot a lot of money for this okay. And this is the type of 'end product' that you give to your client, ParkRoyal Hotel? I TAK BOLEH TAHAN.

Furthermore, it's a garden wedding and it was bright daylight. 

Maybe if in ballroom, people can't really tell because most of the time the lights are dimmed, but this one?

Where is your QC?

Even if your staffs are the ones being lazy and all, someone should do the one last check, no? Go through every chair and make sure it's properly done?

This is a very disappointing case.

If it was on my event, any event at all and I see these things, I sure flip a table. Maybe few tables. It's not cheap some more to do events in hotels, let alone by the garden.

ParkRoyal, I think you should buck up. This is just so unacceptable.

I won't describe myself as a perfectionist (maybe in certain things) but this is really an eyesore. 

The whole set-up was amazing near to perfect. NEAR. CLOSE TO. 

Bleh, I decided to post it here to remind myself of this thing. Who knows in the future I might need to plan events for people and it's this kind of details that also counts.

End of blabbering.