15 October 2012

Koo-ahh-laa Luum-puur!

I remembered aiming for this to come and when it finally did, boy was I super happy! The only sad thing is that it's throughout the weekend only (since most of us are working adults and have work on Monday! Note on the ADULTS! Hahaha) But still out of the island means holiday d! :)

That Friday, my body was in office (and Bayan lepas since I followed my HOD there) but the soul and mind was focusing on the trip d! Rushed home immediately to take a quick shower and off to fetch Marianne Tan's dreamy boyfriend. yes, I'm talking about you , Indy benjamin Toh! (I just googled her and she's so sweeeeeet!)

ready to rock and roll babeh!

dinner on the go (that mineral water costs me RM2.50!)
The moment I walked in, he immediately said "No Subway Melt!" And I'm like "What?!!Why nott!?" (actually i understood why he insisted that we just get the sub of the day cos it's alot cheaper and I was already planning to get cookies also) but still, it's a holiday okay! :P

meeting point: E-Gate. Kuan Yang, the maskot of our tour bus (just right behind him)

and we left the island at around 7:30pm!

always hungry and always want to find food eat la this boy! kacang kuda ftw! :)

we used Waze (my fav app) to find our way to the hotel, and we got lost due to some missing route in the app. Nevertheless, I still like Waze, a lot! :)

finally, we reached the destination at around 1:30am!

semua pun sudah tired and sleepy and hungry. good thing got mamak beside the hotel.

roti sardin. first time trying it and love it instantly. and the next day when i wanted to order, the person say finish d. *angryyy* 

next, I shall show you our room!
When you have 3 girls with braces staying together, you'll see three same kind of toothbrush.

for a budget hotel, their toilet is very nicely done.

our messy beds.

our mini entertainment on the yellow painted walls.

and me vaining before heading out for the first match. I love the T-shirt! (and eyebags thanks to very few hours of sleep night before)

everyone excited to play some balls yo!

so, everyone who came for this trip has a role in each of their line, whether it's center, defense or forward or coach. Me, went there as a tourist. Haha. I was there as the person who's in charge of the first aid kit and also photographer.
Ice packs, check.

pain relief sprays, check.

I'm now a pro in handling cramps and bruises and small cuts *proud*

before the game begins, I've still got some time to snap some photos here and there. 

girls team up first. 

Boys up next.

gary cho siau. that's yen yen and ling ling's bed btw. and gary haven't bathe?

his mega man pills. apparently can give him more energy or power? so hugeee!

and Gary told me on the second day that it's impossible that we will be able to go Ikea on this trip due to time constraint. And yes, I was sooo sad but I prayed (no joke, I was that desperate to get my hands on those meatballs!) and that prayer was answered! The last match finished earlier than expected and we made our way to the happy placee!

last shot of the trip with my two roomies, fireBRANDS girls! :)

Ending this post with three pictures that I took that looked so niceeee!

next holiday (cruise): nineteen days to go.