24 October 2012

Ringgit Malaysia.

I saw a smart camera that I really liked and with that amount of money, i could have gotten myself a laptop (which I desperately need). On top of that, I'm already getting myself a Coach as a reward for entering the adult zone. Yes, i like to reward myself in things that doesn't really matter to other people. It feels pretty good. Too bad I'm earning in RM, if not syiok betul!

Not to forget, a big machine that's entering the family soon too! I AM IN A DILEMMA. Suddenly I just want so many things. This is what happens when you start earning your own moolahs. Not so fun afterall.

On another note, to welcome into the family a giant gold-ish brown-ish machine. It's been a great ride with you, mini white Kelisa. Your time in the Khoos/Shas is finally over. Oh gosh, it's like writing an essay on the title "Saya Sebuah Kereta". Haha.

The pregnant lady changed her car. Changed the size, the brand, the color, the style and the everything. I mean, it's totally different in every way. Now, when you see her in her new baby, she looked so tiny! Not that she looked huge when she was in her kelisa. Haha. Definitely not! You're still in a very good shape, che! :)

Presenting to you the giant robot (if only can really change to a robot that I can be friends with..)

Little one haven't come out, small car changed to big car. Once baby is out, straight buy 7-seaters MPV! :P

Till the next update peeps. Have a great Wednesday! :)