25 October 2012

Impossible Not.


God just blew me away, AGAIN!

I am so speechless (in the happiest and in awe kinda way)

So now I am in charge of the set-up of my company's soon-to-come Facebook page. And I will soon have access to the social media on my desktop. Only me in the office *eyes opened wide* (maybe some of you will be like 'huh?' what's the big deal)

Well, the big deal is that the whole computer system in Penang is controlled by the head office in KL and Facebook is blocked completely in every computer here for many years. And when I found out about it, I was immediately sad and within seconds prayed cos I knew only God can do the impossible things. That was 3 months ago and ever since then, God opened so many doors for me and never will I expect this to happen so quickly.

And when my manager utters these words "I will ask KL office to allow Facebook access in your desktop only", the whole meeting room froze. My heart probably skipped a beat, I don't know. It's not the fact that now I can feel normal again by being able to go Facebook (for work purposes!!! :P) anytime now that makes me so happy. It's just again God did His thing and it wows me like crazy.

There were some people who asked me why is it that it's so easy for me to keep on believing though in our human minds we know it's impossible. I remembered answering them, "why not? It doesn't hurt to keep believing also." and it's when you continue to believe God in the toughest/impossible/crazy/weird/awful/horrible times that you experience the reality of the Big Man, and at the same time thanking Him for the 'bad' incidents that happened.

And ever since I gave my life to Jesus in 2004, I have never stopped believing the Big Man.

For sure there were so many road bumps here and there, but it's faith that keeps one going strong. It definitely kept me strong through the years.

Ahhh, He's just so awesome :)

Matthew 7:7
"Ask, and you will get what you ask for.
Look, and you will find what you look for.
Knock, and the door will be opened for you"