09 October 2012


Why so down eh?

Posted 3 hours ago but still nobody says anything! No one have memories of me! Nooo :(

I kept checking my Facebook with my phone to see if I would see something that makes me smile. Manatau apa pun tak ada. Ada saya punya joker saja. I've got no friends.. *emo*

A bit sad la but not sad until my day is gone like that. Still having fun visiting clients and making more friends outside. So, since Koay is the only one who 'liked' and 'commented on this status (started by yeohjo and now almost everyone is re-posting it), I shall talk about how I got to know him/notice him in the beginning.

Actually, I'm gonna tell his side first since it's about me. Heh.

So, there was this secretariat meeting where all registered secretariats must attend in order to know what to do on the day of the Floorball Tournament. At that time, I volunteered to represent fireBRANDS since no one else wanted to do it. This is for the Division 2 btw. And it was in 2008/2009. I'm not sure la. Anyways, he was in the meeting too but unfortunately, I DID NOT notice him there. But he noticed me! *blushes* (end of his side)

For me, I only noticed him when we were both on secretariat duty but I had no idea what his name was. Only when the match ended then only I knew. Haha. There was one incident where me and a few friends (girls) were watching his match versus the Dalat team I think, and then one of the girls pointed at him (he was wearing number 9 jersey) and asked who that guy was. And I was like, "Oh, that's Adrian Koay." So yea, a friend thought he was handsome and after that, I remembered him and we became good friends since (he sure very paiseh now)

Okay, no more sulking over a Facebook post d! TIME FOR UPDATES on the little one!

Hello little one,

When you are older, I'm going to show you all this little post I write to you imagining that you could actually hear me now. Hahaha. I think I get more excited than your mother. So crazy! Here, we can see your little nose. Don't know if you are a boy or a girl yet. Whatever it is, your favourite colour must be green cos I'm gonna shower you with green toys and green clothes and green everything! Say NO! to pink. Oh and also I'm told that you are one super active baby. I've already requested a video on the next checkup so I can see your movements! I really cannot wait to see you, you little bundle of joy! Till the next picture baby precious! :) Blessed eleven weeks old!

Click me to see the first post of the baby!

Koay thinks I might be too obsessed with babies. I don't think I am.. I think it's normal. Very normal. Oh well. Minimum of four babies yo.

counting down: seventy two hours left to my short quick holiday :D