10 October 2012

They Make, We Sell and You Eat.

A BIG THANK YOU to all fireBRANDS who came at 4:59pm to help with the set-up and selling the makanan!

A BIGGER THANK YOU to all who came and supported our fund raising event!

THE BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to all parents/adults/kind souls whom cooked those awesome meals for us to sell!

Good news is that we managed to raise around three thousand and five hundred ringgit malaysia that night with the sales from food and also kind donations from those who enjoyed the movie, Blind Side (my first time watching this movie, didn't even know it's based on a true story!)

Cupcakes/Sandwiches : RM150.00 (roughly)

Popcorn Chicken : RM125.00 (roughly)

Pork Burger : 215.00 (roughly)

Pizza Bread : RM400.00 (roughly)

Drinks : RM200.00 (roughly)

Hotdogs/Corn/Waffle : RM275.00 (rougly)

Spaghetti : RM 440.00 (roughly)

Nasi Lemak : RM750.00 (roughly)

It was such a happy night. Thank you again to everyone who made it happen!

Countdown to AYC 2012: 1632 hours.