08 October 2012

The Wrong Side.

It's so normal for people (whether working or studying) to have Monday blues. And I never really have them until today. I mean, of course there were sundays where I wished its still weekend the next day but I have never felt so.. blue? Till now, I don't think its Monday blues. I think and I feel (like a 99% part of me) that I definitely woke up at the other side of my bed and it's the wrong one.

And it feels horrible. I don't even know why or how it happened. I remember going to bed last night feeling normal and nowhere near sad or like this. This feeling of just upset and 'boh kah muan' feeling. Okay, now that I'm typing it out, I think I know what really causes it. Hmm.. or it could be one of the reason. Pfft. But it shouldn't have bothered me cos it's not important, or at least it's not important anymore, heh.

Or it could be because Koay called me at 5:21am, saying "Why you change kindergarden?". He repeated that so many times to every 'huh' I said. That lasted for a minute and 34 seconds (I checked my phone for the record). It definitely felt like 15 minutes of repeating after one another. I don't know la. I don't know what causes this 'hole' I'm in. It's not quarter-life-crisis. I definitely hope not. Ughhh.

Sumore this 'situation' I'm in right now is a very dangerous one. Koay can tell you about it. The only few ways I know that could make me feel better and out of this 'hole' is to spend. Yeah, spend the ringgits. I even suggested dinner-ing at Seoul Garden later (just cos I want to eat non-stop and be at a place that's nice). Of course he gave me that look. Thank God for Koay to stop me from doing silly things that I might regret (like spending all my salary on food and unnecessary stuff). So, the plan is to eat dinner at home and then make sure I stay home and lock the money bag or cardbag! (I really doubt that I would stay home tonight). Anyone up for supper? Just let me know!

Currently listening to Jesus, Take The Wheel (Carrie Underwood is so gorgeous)

A goal that I need to make sure I achieve: go to a place where I have never been to at least once a year.

i miss holidays. i miss being under the sun. i miss soaking in salt water. i miss putting on the sun block (still gets dark with or without those cream, funny la!) i miss the long rides in the bus. i miss lame jokes. i miss redang. i miss perhentian.

can't wait for Friday to come. KL, wait for us okay? :)