12 October 2012

A Day In Her Shoe.

Here's a peek to what some part of my working life is like. Being a sales person, I definitely get to travel a lot. That also within the island and probably the furthest is Nibong Tebal. It's quite fun I would say. It's not like those full 8 hours stay in office. Sure sien like what only. So, here we go.

first thing that I do when I get into the car. Heels off, thongs on. facebook slippers ftw!

my faithful 'passenger' when I hit the road.

yesterday, my appointments were around Bayan Lepas area (and I was lost!) So, something about driving to Bayan lepas is that it's pretty impossible to find parking space. Actually, can find but it's reallly far! See the white building right at the end center of the picture? That's where I walked to, in my heels (good thing, I bought a not-so-high-heels few days ago).

the sun was burning hot, but as usual I'm happy to be under the sunlight! Me heart the sun long long time! :)

On the way to my last client and feeling very exhausted, I saw this. And I thought poor chickens, waiting for their time/turn to be killed and then eaten by the humans. Godo thing my favorite meat is pork. Hahaha.

So ya, pretty much how my days are like when I'm behind the wheels with one hand holding my S2 (looking at Waze and hoping it will always lead me to the right destination!) and another holding the steering. Quite an adventure being in this line. Loving it so far :)

Oh! Guess who's name card is ready?! First time getting a name card with my name on it feels super awesome. As awesome as having own phone line and own office direct number! Holiday Tours, founded in 1972 and have 4 branches in Malaysia (Penang, Kuantan, Johor, PJ and KL-head office). Saja want to tell abit of the history. Haha. You should google the KL office and see. It's sooo nice. Different shades and tones of colors. And it's huge! Definitely a place for youth I would say. Office here is probably very similar to the one there! That's why me love itt! :) This will show you how my third home looks like! :)

Alright, I shall write no more. (time is passing so slow on purpose today, knowing that we leave at 7pm tonight! grrr)

Have a blessed weekend and be a blessing to others! :)