28 February 2013

Dinner Over The Sea.

Even on working days, you can do something fun at night. That's absolutely rightt.

And that something fun was a trip to Raja Uda for dinner.

Yes, it's really true that Penang people would travel for just one meal, as long as it's good and recommended by many. So where did we go for dinner? Here! (another way to promote our food blog hah)

Anyways, so we all gathered in my place and met up with the rest at E-Gate and convoy-ed together, using Waze. We didn't actually know that we were all talking about different Heng Heng but since we thought that no one else knew the directions there so we used Waze. And boy, can I tell you Waze really brings us through the shortcuts and got us worried at one point.

But all is well. We arrived safely and ate to our heart's content (if you follow me on my instagram, you would have seen my dinner's photo).

Fun continues when we all decided to take the ferry home. NOT because of the cracked bridge. I have to say, taking the ferry back to the island at night definitely feels a lot different than when it's in the noon. Pretty lights everywhere and Penang is such a beautiful island. Ahh, thanking God that I was born and raised here :)

And take ferry means you've gotta wait for the ferry. So while waiting, we did what everyone else would.. *scrolls down*

Pardon the quality of my photos please. Those clearer ones are obviously taken with an iPhone5. Duhh..

Ferry landed at the perfect side of the island because then we went searching for a place to hangout and coffee. We probably went to three different shops only to end up at Chinahouse.

 I don't know why I took this picture of the crayons. I think it's the colors.

Thanks to Instagram, everyone else would take pictures of anything that is colorful or black and white or a lamp post or clouds.

Nothing wrong about that but I guess I'm also being sucked into that "trend!"

Crayons on the table but no paper to let us use it on? Funny much.  

*watching Pretty Little Liars now and getting distracted*

*and doing a sales report* Talk about multitasking hah.

Next, desserts! (not a big fan of desserts, at all) but I decided to order coconut ice cream since Lovelocks have been closed for so long! Sadness overloaded.

worst coconut ice cream, ever.

Some of the bunch went up to the gallery but we stayed back. Too lazy to move our butts. So, we moved our hands and fingers, and cracked some lame jokes here and there :)

Great night out :)

Next one: FISH STEAMBOAT! (hopefully!)