18 February 2013

Oat Krunch.


I don't know what happened.

So many things that I know, that I have to pretend I don't know. Sometimes, it's true that the lesser you know, the better it is. Or at least that applies for people's life stories.

The first two sentence is NOT related to the third one.

I'm just not in the mood to work, hence the babbling and randomness.

One year already since I put my braces on.

I count the hours to when I can continue watching Pretty Little Liars again.

"I fetch you home k, cos my baby girl gotta work tomorrow"

I stared at the AirAsia ZERO Promo screen for about 10 minutes. Krabi or Cambodia or Vietnam? I wouldn't mind going back to Vietnam and hentam all the noodles I can.

My angpow moolahs this year is STRICTLY for the new baby I'm gonna get. MUST GET before Sha Lynn pops out.

It's 3 more days to both of us celebrating our first anniversary of WhatTwoEatHere.

The title of this update is because that's the first thing I saw on my desk.

One week left to Chinese New Year. More angpows needed :)

Koay about to launch into the working world, and I can tell that he's very excited for this chapter to begin. Such a weirdo I tell you. Heh.

I did not see my favorite twins yesterday. It's like something of Sunday Church is missing.

I love attending weddings. Just like Joshua and Rebecca's on Saturday. Short, simple and sweet. Beautiful and smart bride + Handsome and talented groom = THE BOMB.

I just realized recently that I really like to eat taukua (beancurd) in spicy/sambal/curry. I mean I've liked eating them for a while now but never know that I actually really like them! (thanks to Mr Choo's open house taukua sambal!) Haha.

I think I can never be able to leave Penang and go somewhere else to work. How to leave the family? The food? The friends? The church? The fireBRANDS? The room?

I will forever be at 44kilograms. I kid you not. It's been years that I have always stayed at the double digit.

Okay, mood got better after writing some nonsense out.

Jesus, You are above all wealth, treasures of the earth, all authorities and You, I love :)