26 February 2013


A friend asked me a question today. A question related to girls and their monthly routine.

You know, questions like do you girls really get moody when it's that time of the month, are you all conscious about the moodyness, can you all control it and stuff like that. I definitely didn't find that difficult to answer because I obviously went through moody seasons like nobody's business. Hahaha. Koay can tell you stories about it too I think.

And what struck me is the question, "Can you control it?". As in control not being moody. And I kept thinking about it. I think for many times, I did not CHOOSE to control it. I just let it be because I know I have an excuse to back it up. Now that I think back, it's unfair. Unfair to my family and to Koay. It's like I get irritated at every single words they say or every thing they do. Now, I really believe that a girl can control whether to let the moodyness take over.

Guys have it a lot easier just because they don't have monthly issues to deal with. And especially the pain that comes with it, HORRIBLE. I used to have that pain every month. So painful to the point that I will scream my lungs out in the room, used hot boiling water and put it in a glass bottle and put it on my skin so that I won't feel the internal pain and take panadols. I usually want to avoid taking paracetamol but most of the time I still have to take it. Too painful. So guys, you should be thankful that this pain you don't have to go through :)

My birthday wish to God two years ago was to remove this terrible torture, and taking them away He did :)