01 February 2013

Second Month.

Ten more months left to a new year. Seriously, time slow down!

One of my favorite months no doubt. This year marks another year of accomplishment, getting better in handling tough situations and having an increased two digits. That last part is no fun.

Good thing I look younger than my real age. That, is fun. And people thinks Koay looks older than me. Another plus point to fun.

So, yesterday, i have decided to get back into floorball/exercise mode. After 6 long months of complete resting with no physical doings, I think it's time for me to get back into my sport shoes. I am actually pretty excited. The first "physical" is taking place tomorrow. HIKE UP TO PENANG HILL.

*eyes wide open* I was telling Koay that when I suggested hiking, I was talking about Monkey Beach or Kerachut. And then, this boy decided that hike up Penang Hill more fun. Okay.. here's one problem. I haven't been exercising for 6 months and my stamina whatsoever is gone. Like totally gone. I should have just suggested running in Botanical Garden. *facepalms*

Since I've agreed and plans are made, I shall make sure I reach to the top. Wait, I think they will hike till the top la. They usually do. And this will be my first time hiking all the way up. I shall persevere and push myself. MENTAL MESTI KUAT.

On another thing, just yesterday my preggo sister asked me what I was gonna do on Valentine's Day. I just gave her that surprise look and told her that we don't celebrate V-Day. Why should we or anyone actually? Everything is super expensive and it's not even a special day that brings any special meaning to us. Haha. Not that theres something wrong to those who celebrates. This is just purely my opinion. So no, no V-Day for us.

Chinese New Year in nine days. Who would've thought that it falls on the same day I was born. Double the angpows? Oh yess! This is a good month :)

Starting this month two with our first reunion dinner over at my uncle's place tonight :) Steamboat ftw!

Have a blessed first day of the awesome month you people.