21 February 2013


Where got people so childish one? Say one thing, but do another thing which totally contradicts to what was said earlier! It's like you say you've let go of eating rice, but once in a while you still sneak around to get some rice. Okay, maybe not a very good example. If a person is really matured,  he/she will be able to find something, just something to forgive and let the past stay as that. I mean, you say you've let go and moved on, but at the same time you are doing something that totally shows that you have not let it go. It's still haunting you every now and then. I don't know la. And to tell your whole world about it for what? So that people would sympathize with you and "support" you? I mean, even by doing that you can't let it go. It will always be there unless you decide for yourself like you really want to let it go. Keep saying that to yourself and people around you isn't gonna help you to actually let go. 

I'm a bit upset because never in my whole entire life, will I ever expect to see this coming my way. Never. I always thought you are a person who knows how to handle these kind of situations, especially after almost two years since the incident. For you to tell me what you told me just proves to me otherwise. 

Sad and disappointed can't even describe how I really feel, at all.