24 February 2013

Good Morning.

Oh how crazy it is that it's already last day of this eat non-stop festive? I could use another extension of one week being in this holiday mood!

Yesterday God revealed something to my heart. Something I didn't know that was in me all this long. And it was so reassuring, so wow, so personal and so precious. In Your promise, I stand firm and know. Nothing will shake me off this faith that wows me when I least expected it :) Trusting in You is life's most peaceful thing

So, how are you spending your last day of Chinese New Year? We are gonna run a few rounds in Youth Park, and then sessions of captain ball.Probably will head to Esplanade or Straits Quay to throw some oranges. Not that I want to do that (specially for all the single ladies) but I guess it will be fun to throw oranges into the sea. We'll see what happens.

Enjoy your last days of CNY people :)