27 February 2013

Ask and it will be given to you.

And that is exactly what I did.

**At drive-thru Starbucks with Benjamin Yeoh, Nicholas Choong, Nicole Linn John, and Andrew Chan last night**

Me: Anyone wants to buy me the mug? RM25 only! *points at the mug on the display counter*
All: *poker face*
Chan: Ask Koay to buy for you la.
Me: *raises eyebrows*

**30 minutes later, Joshua Tan arrived and sat down**

Me: *looks at him* You want to buy a mug for me? Only RM25. *points at the same mug*
Tan: *looks at the mug from the distance* Okay, your birthday gift lo.
Me: *smiles from one ear to the other ear* SERIOUS? *rushes to the counter and grab one*

This, my dear friends is a perfect example of ASK, AND IT WILL BE GIVEN TO YOU! :)

RM25 mug for the 25th birthday.

It makes horrible days much more bearable. Not that I have a lot of horrible days. But coming to office to this precious mug definitely gives a very nice and warm feeling :)

thank you, joshua tan sao peng :)

now, who wants to belanja me raja uda's tomyam tonight? :D