09 February 2013

Manual Off.

Eve of Chinese New Year.

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter, you would have already known that I did quite a lot this morning. Washed two cars, vacuumed one and polished glass windows of one. And I woke up earlier than my working days. *pats self*

Anyways, after that we went to shop at Queens for a while cos I forgot that I needed a black tube for my dress. Haha. And then this happened. So spontaneous.

Driving lesson for free for Van. But Koay insisted that I try first. And I did. And all I can say is that NO MANUAL CAR FOR ME. Not now. Not ever. He wanted me to know learn so that I can be behind his wheels when he's tired, like today when he had only 3 hours of sleep. He tries to take as many small sleeps when he can as it's going to be a long day today. Poor thing. And Van behind, she sleeps everytime she's in a moving vehicle. NO KIDDING! So yeah, manual car drivers are insanely hardworking. *salutes*

So, Van's turn. I almost puked when I was inside. So, I stood by the roadside and watched them. So smart me :) beginner semua mesti macam ni. I pun sama. 

Vanessa: How to let down the hand brek ah?
Koay and Me: *looks at each other*

Master of manual car giving lessons to don't-know-anything-about-driving girl.

Mati enjin tak tau berapa kali tapi normal la tu. Got progress d! :)

ON ANOTHER NOTE! I got my early birthday gift from Koay! I love love love love itt! :))

steamboatandbabyniecesin2hours :)