16 February 2013

Challenge #1: Stairs.

Before 2012 ended, I had in mind that I would do something different in 2013. Something that I have never done before. Something that will challenge me, whether mentally, physically or emotionally or in any way.

I took a 6 months break from any physical activities due to some health issues back in 2012, and it is now decided that I want back in into exercise and sports and some running. One major problem, that's all. My stamina is now in negative. Like really negative, and I'm becoming more lazy that I have ever been. Don't know if its because age is catching up, but whatever it is, it has got to stop.

I actually miss playing floorball. Like a lot. So, before I resume my weekly training every Saturday, I thought perhaps I need to do certain things to slowly gain back the stamina that I've lost (yes, I'd like to think that last time my stamina quite good. Heh :P).

And so.. I came up with this challenge.


A very simple challenge, but with the level of my laziness now, it's gonna be a tough one. But if I did it, it increases my mental strength, stamina and probably would help firm my behind :) 

So, everyday (with no day off) I will have to WALK UP the stairs whether it's at home or going to the office. One thing about this challenge is that I don't have to walk down using stairs. Just the going UP part. Cool huh.

The challenge supposed to start the day after my birthday but it got delayed because I was not "ready"! Finally, decided to focus and put my mind into it and started on the 15th. So far, so good. We (Koay decided to join in when he's with me) wanted to climb 23 floors up to Julian and Yee Ling's amazing home last night but couldn't cos their stairs are locked up for security purposes. Another plus points to getting a house at Surin. 

There is no limit to any challenge I'm gonna give myself. You know, like one week don't use Twitter and stuff like that. Anything of my challenge will have to be an ongoing one. So, I am being very careful when I create one for myself. I want to make sure I can do it and at the same time, it challenges me.

I'm actually in the midst of going into Challenge #2! To be revealed real soon..