29 January 2014

Mom-Daughter Bonding Over Pineapple Tarts.

I don't know if you all know that I can't bake.

I can cook but I can't bake.

Very beh paiseh right to say I can cook. Haha. Actually I really can cook. It's just sometimes I become so lazy to cook. Also because my mom cooks everyday for dinner.

Anyways, if I have to choose either cooking or baking, it'll be definitely COOKING. No need to think for one second or split second, i sure answer COOKING.

I have so many bad/funny experiences in baking that I no longer want to go near it. 

Once, I tried baking a whole cake. Can't remember what flavour I wanted to do. The dough turned out to be as hard as a rock. NO KIDDING. You see, in the first place, it's not supposed to be like a dough-y kind. Oh wellz. Those were the days. At least I tried a few times.

So this time, I decided to do it once more. Some years my mom made them herself and I remembered loving these tarts to the madness. I would keep popping them into my mouth. This year, my mom got so busy with so many other things and I happily suggested to her to make this but I will do it with her. 

She have to do it with me because if she leaves me to it, I don't know what will happen to the tarts. 

So yeah, apparently I didn't really give up due to bad experiences. I just let myself breathe for a while few years then back to trying. Thank God Koay is not a dessert kind of person. 

Making pineapple tarts is quite easy. Let me show you how.

First, you put some oil (in my case olive oil) on your palms and start rolling the pineapple fillings.

Like this. Yes, I try to be artistic. I try lah. 

Them, you just repeat doing the same thing for the next two hours. Kidding, it doesn't take that long if you're efficient like me *grins*

Tadaaa :)

Cute little things.

Ingredients to make the dough: eggs, flour and butter.

Never too old to bake things with mom :)

Special Edition :D 

And the babies are done. Yumsss :)

Gong Xi Fa Chai, everyone :)