21 January 2014

Nibong Tebal with Nine Humans.

Funfact#01: I love roadtrips!

It is no surprise for those who have known me for a while now that I love going for roadtrips. Even better if can spend a night or two at wherever-we-go. 

Places like Genting Highlands, must stay at least a night. Cameron Highlands at least two nights. If go cold places like these, stay more night more fun whattt.

Anyways, once work-life started, it's very difficult to go for trips like that. Spontaneous trips lagi no need to say. So, when Public Holiday hits on weekdays, we must always make it to full use. GO FOR ONE DAY TRIP!

This time, it was going to be Nibong Tebal. Nothing much to do there actually. It was more of a eat-eat-and-eat kinda trip. Initially, I thought it was just going to be just both of us but we decided the more the merrier.

We went in two cars. All nine of us. Oh ya. Next time we have outings, anyone can join okayy? Like I say, THE MORE THE MERRIER! But of course everything is at own expense :)

We left the island at about 11:30am and slowly drive to the first place to mam mam. Then, we drove to a shop which sells jerseys, shoes, sports pants, sports equipment etc. A friend of ours actually introduced this shop to us like 4-5 years ago? He especially love this shop because the sports pants that he bought many years ago still usable and is actually very comfy. 

I got myself a pair of sport shoe, he got a couple of sports pants, Josh got a sports pant, and the rest I don't know if they got anything from there. It definitely feels like we need to go back there because now I need to get those sports pants. THEY ARE TOO COMFY and they are only like RM10 each! :)

Then, we drove to the famous coffeeshop that sells a few nice hawker food and iced kacang and shaved ice etc. 

It didn't matter if we just ate my favorite pork soup noodles like few hours ago, we still ordered like we haven't eaten lunch :)

After that, we decided to drive to Bukit Merah since it's only 15 minutes away. We wanted to go somewhere to wait till dinner time to have CRAB PORRIDGE! The only thing was it was such horrible dinner. New restaurant and a few times when I was there, people were standing up waiting for tables, so I assumed that it was either super good or super cheap. NEITHER OF THAT. Pffft. 

All in all, I had lots of fun. We went to the mini zoo, which was shockingly fun.

Funfact#02: I love going to the zoo!

Just sitting by the lake..


Waiting for the animal show to start.

Upon seeing this, Gary said, "Eh! Got ostrich here also ah?"

Last time with S2, it's IMPOSSIBLE to capture this kind of shot. Goldii memang best.

His butt is more kiau than anyone I've ever known. 

Feeding ducks and giving them names :)

 Muka sini banyak round. 

They have the LONGEST tongue ever. No kidding. One day I'll post the video.

We learnt that hedgehogs are all born blind.

Small kids all excited to be in the zoo.

 Famous for its ice blended drinks (peanut, fresh orange, red bean etc) and hokkien ta and super cheap too!

The place to get sports pants, whether for sports purpose or as pajamas. Thumbs up :)

Saja syiok!

Such a lovely day :)

Till  next public holiday guys.