24 January 2014


Because sitting normally like a girl is too common. 

Walking shoe kena stolen, so wearing working shoe will just be fine. Still looking great, hun :)

Snail time - our must have everytime we chaik ho liau :)

Good, starting to behave like a girl. Just for that split second that is.

Helping Josh with economics reminded me of how much I love my college years and all that group study moments. Such priceless memories :)

Koay: I want to go cut my hair. You want to follow?
Me: Err, can also. I can go trim a bit of my hair behind. Too messy d.
Koay: Oh okay *continues driving home*
Me: Okaylah! I shall cut bangs then.
Koay: *eyes wide opened and staring at me*
Me: *grins*