22 January 2014

Nandos, bestnya.

So, my mom told me I've got a couple of letters that's waiting for me on the table.

A brown one and a white envelope one. 

The brown envelope was already opened before me. Angry me. Nolah, not angry lah. More like a bit annoyed.

When I was few years younger, I don't receive letters like that. It's only when I started working and all the commitments suddenly appear and Groupon became one of my favorite site to look at, then these letters come in like no one's business.

Let me tell you this, you people who haven't start working yada yada. IT'S VERY NICE WHEN YOU SEE LETTERS ADDRESSED TO YOUR NAME. That feeling is really nice. Maybe except those kind of letters that are actually bills. I haven't reach that stage yet la of course. 

So, when someone else opens my letter before me, I don't like it. It's like, come on lah! The opening of the letter with your name is the best part okay! Wait, that's the second best part. The best part is finding out what letter is that. BEST GILER.

Anyways, so I opened the brown one and saw one stack of red angpows inside. Guess from who?!


My favorite mam mam chicken outlet. Gosh, they seriously send to their members a stack of ang pows? Too bad no money inside. Actually I didn't check whether got also or not. Most likely not. Haha. I know lah, just angpows but I make it such a big deal like that. 

It's always nicer to receive something unexpected.

Then, the other while envelope was the "recognition" that my application for a house is accepted and in the process of more process.. Worry. Stop. Pray. 

I can't wait to own a house on my own :)