27 January 2014

The Weekends in Photos.

Literally sneaked through me quietly.


I felt even more tired than the weekdays combined. 




Meet my colleagues :)
One of the nicest 3 course western meal that I've had. LOVE THEIR AVOCADO TRIFLE.

Breakfast at the new cafe, Budan Coffeebrew Cafe. Wait, I think it's Budan Coffee.. err.. No, wait.. I don't remember.. Aahhh. It's Budan something lah!

The bag is so huge that she can sleep in them nicely and comfortably.

Because taking proper photo during a wedding dinner is too normal and we no like normal stuff. Haha.

My first time attending a wedding dinner that has no bridesmaid whatsoever. Navy/soldier style ftw. Really very cool.

Weekend that is packed with events and activities. Ohh.