13 March 2014

Pre-MATTA Fair KL 2014.

So, here I am in KL's office, trying to post an update since I have already gone through my brand/products a few times and I think I should be okay with the information and stuff. 


I can't remember the last time I actually woke up at a time after 10am! WHEN!?!?!?

Ohhh.. Actually two days ago I did.. I woke up at like 11:00am.. Okay, fine. Fair enough.

Although it would be super nice if I can sleep in for a few more days in a row. Now, even weekends I wake up early. Sometimes ever earlier than weekdays. Pffft.

The whole entire journey from Penang to KL (HTT's HQ), I slept whenever I can. The eyes just too heavy lah. Even now, I'm like wasting all the energy that's left in me in the office that's so quiet you can hear someone's tummy making noise. My taxi only coming at 6pm to drop me at the hotel. 

Anyways, Club Med's promotion is as much as 40% discount! ALL INCLUSIVE HOLIDAY! Everyone should at least go once to a Club Med Resort. It's super worth the $$$!

All day err-day snacking by the bar, open bar concept, drink all you want, whatever you want, food high class standard, land and sea activities with no hidden charges. You don't even have to bring $$$ out of your hotel room. SERIOUSLY!

Too bad my annual leaves are precious and very limited, abo I sure book for myself. 

So far, it's the only travel brand that I feel comfortable at selling and telling people about how great it is :)

I'm feeling pretty bored now. 

KL's haze is worse than bad. It's a disaster. It's like I don't know KL anymore. Not that I know KL very good like that. Looking forward to dinner with ma boy number three :)

My heart beats a lil bit faster knowing it's going to be tomorrow. Hands-on always calm me down. All the theories and stuff help but not as helpful as hands-on booking. THIS IS INDEED SCARY!