19 March 2014

Friends No?

One thing I never expect at this point of life. Quarter life crisis also over long time ago d. Hah.

Both my sister and I. 

We have never done any wrongdoings to anyone. In fact, we cherish all the friendships that we have gained over the years.

It made both of us sit down and think back if we have done anything, just anything that could bring us to this point.

We all used to get along so well. We laughed, we joked, we teased, we ate and we worked together for a period of time. We enjoyed ourselves so much that I always look forward to go work everyday.

Even after I stopped working there, we somehow managed to always remain friends whom are pretty comfortable with each other.At least for me that is.

Then, you changed? Both of you.. 

What happened? Seriously?

It even broke me one night when I thought about it. A part in me is angry but most parts were just hurt and a bit broken. There goes another friendship. Or maybe two. 

The way you talk to me became so formal. Even when I ignored that formality and insist talking to you like how a friend will, you still kept it formal. 

Then another you. You completely stop talking to me. I noticed that and I kept getting myself go up to you to start a conversation and you just turn your back on me, literally. Whattt? We even went on a holiday together once and totally enjoyed our time. You won't even look at me or smile or just anything!

Sorry if I sound like an obsessive-emotional person/friend or whatever you all wanna call it.

We also thought that me being a part of the Korea trip would be like good news to you both since we get to have fun and party all night together. Wrong. It was probably the reason that you hated us both now. 

Okay, maybe hate is a very strong word, but that is really what I feel now from you two.

I don't know if I sounded like so emo with this post but I just had to let it out somewhere and that somewhere has got to be here.

I don't know if you are reading this, but if you really are, do know that there isn't anything that I would do ever to put this friendship into a mess.

I don't even know how and why and what happened! 

So, I'm going to stop doing it, because it's heart-breaking. I will stop starting conversations so that I won't get rejected in the face again and again. But if I see you both of the road or in the malls, I will wave at you and I will smile. I will.

Till then, my two lovely friends. 

I am closing this chapter.