18 March 2014

5D3N Korea Part III.

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Day Three (8th March 2014)

The first thing I did when I woke up on day two was straight to the balcony. Opened the sliding door and immediately regretted it. Immediately closed the sliding door and went to wash my face, brush my teeth, put on layers of clothes, gloves and socks, then only went to the balcony again. 

Spent a good less than 5 minutes just looking at the view and breathing in the fresh air.

Then, time for breakfast at Mont Blanc Restaurant. I remembered not eating a lot because I don't want to have tummy ache and have to go toilet all. Very susah since I'm already so comfy in those layers. Hah.

Right after breakfast, some of us who wanted to go for skiing gathered at the lobby. Put on the ski boots and ski blade (not really sure what you call them) and carry our ski sticks to the ski area. I tell you ah, the ski boots are crazy heavy and tight (for me). 

If zombies attack when you're skiing halfway and in this boots, you confirm die. Walking in this takes more energy than running around a football field.

Can you tell that we're very excited to start?

Everyone rushing to put on their boots, I still slowly take photo all. I don't know how to wear them seriously. Let me just say this again, walking on a normal floor with the boots is madness.

The view is amazingg! Seriously, it's super different when you're actually there looking at it. SUPER BEAUTIFUL!

All the noobs beginners unite.

Every photo that was taken within the ski area is taken with much pain and perseverance, please know that. I have to take out the gloves and with gloves on also our fingers were freezing like no one's business already. So yeah.

If you must, please get the kind of gloves that has special sensory thing on the index finger eh. Very useful. No need to suffer like me. This one compulsory vain shot since selfie is like suicide in the middle of snow mountain.

But we tried anyways with a selfie. My hair! Hahaha. After one click, we were like putting on our gloves so fast as if our life were dependent

The organizer having a fun time skiing although missing the lil baby at home.

We ski-ed for about one hour plus and then we went outside and have ourselves a little snow fight!

Mommy of two boys and mommy of one baby girl :)

It wasn't snowing so Gabriel thew some snow in the air and we all just pretend lah that it's snowing.

After all that snow and stuff, it was time to wash up and check out. Before we hit the highway back to Seoul, we had lunch at a restaurant with the most amazing view. Too bad I had no time to capture them.

I now know why Korean eats so much soup stuff. It's really very comforting to have soup in cold winter. It's very homey and gives you that really nice warm feeling.

After makan-makan, we surprised the Dreamers with a birthday cake for the March babies. Then, we took off to Seoul. 3 hours bus ride journey. I didn't sleep immediately despite the lack of sleep the night before because the view so breathtaking, really cannot resist leh. We stopped once at their rest stop. Of course their rest stop nicer than ours. Cleaner for sure. 

The sun was super bright that time and I thought sure not that cold d ma right. WRONG! Came down without gloves, straight suffer. Quickly went to get a cup of coffee which Leroy chia and Andrew got the spiral potato thing which Leroy chia also. Hahaha. Ehhh the potato thing very yummmy!

First place we went was to the Korean Ginseng shop. Wahh I didn't know Korean ginseng is really famous and good and pricey. Really only rich people can afford to put ginseng into their daily diet. One medium sized box also few thousands already. *faints* Bob the tour guide gave me a small box :)

The two boys and one super adorable baby girl on the entire trip.

Other than ginseng, we also went to cosmetics and liver supplement place. Good thing we adjusted the itinerary and shifted the making kimchi/wear Hanbok a day earlier if not sure rush like mad. 

Eunice, apa lu buat?

Last stop for the night, Myeongdong!
No doubt one of my favorite place to shop in Korea. Both for eating and shopping.

 Though tired, still pretty excited to try the street food :)

Egg pancake something. It didn't look that appetizing so I told Mr Choo that I was just going to share with Andrew. REGRET! It's sooooo good!

Another cabbage like pancake something. This time got bacon.

Cousin with her bestie :)

Actually before the trip I told myself that it was going to be okay if I were to spam makan there and gain some kgs, but then when I was physically there, it didn't felt like I wanted to spam their street food. Quite regret I didn't la. Partly also cos their food is very expensive. Haiz sad lahh.

The streets in Myeongdong very happening at night. So many things to see. People also. Walked halfways can see ladies with bruises around their nose. Yes, that shows that they have just underwent a nose job. Very common there. VERY COMMON. 
Apparently, when they reach their 15th birthday, they demand for a plastic surgery. NOT CHEAP OKAY!


Dinner don't know where to eat so we ended up eating at McDonalds. Uncle Tony sick of korean food d. Haha. Tried the beef bulgogi burger. Not bad. Not bad.

I thought this was such a pretty stall to look at and since I could use some vitamin c in the body, why not?

Straight paid RM10 for a packet of orange juice. 

Everyone's tired but never too tired to crack a smile for the camera :)

After whole day of shopping, we checked into Together Hotel and rested a while, until someone texted saying that it was snowing. We quickly put on our coats and gloves and boots and ran outside. Ohhhhh such joy when I first look at them snow. So perfect and magical. Ahh love that moment.

It snowed really lightly and got very heavy at one point and then light again and then no more. We just stood under it and snap photos and dance around and just basically gong gong stand under it. 

 Day two was special in its own ways because it just was. It was a tiring day, but it was also a really fun and got a lot of new experience kind of day. 

Truly memorable :)