06 March 2014

Packing for Korea 101.

Question: What is the ONE thing that I will never forget to bring in my handbag when I travel?
(Answer at the bottom.. If you answer correctly, you know me better than 70% of people I know.. I think..)

One my biggest concern of going to a winter country is the packing of clothes. 

How to fit so many things if I want to bring the winter coats too, right? Winter coats are like so huge and puffy and fat, and by just putting them into the luggage, 50% covered already.

Then, my colleagues told me about the vacuum bag that I can get at Daiso for RM5 only. The one thing that I think everyone should have is this amazing bag. This vacuum bag that can transform no-space-place to a-lot-of-space-place. I don't know how to put it into words lah.

Anyways, this is like the nest thing ever, especially for people who travels to winter countries or if you have just so many things you want to carry to another place and you only have one luggage. 

You basically put all your puffy winter jackets/coats, jeans, towels etc and seal it. Then, you use a vacuum and suck all the air out until the whole piece of 'thing' is tight and smaller in size. More compact kind.

I'll show you some photos.

Koay digging nose while I carefully handles the winter coat. Loving itt! As in the coat, not Koay digging his gold.. 

I got the large size one because I didn't know how 'small' it was. From the packaging, like super small nia, manatau so big. Haha.

We did two trials. One on the floor and one straight in the luggage. I didn't plan to bring a lot of clothes because I want to keep my luggage half empty to bring back my shopping products! Hahaha.

Then, I put in the vacuum cleaner's tube in it and start sucking the air. You can see I was holding a red clip thing (comes with the vacuum bag) at the side, so when I turn off the vacuum cleaner, I immediately slide through the red clip till the end. It's like a really big ziploc bag.

After a while though, the vacuum bag became like normal again, as in the air fills up from don't know where. Maybe because it was half empty. So this time, I straight put everything into the luggage, filled the bag with more things (that I don't exactly need).

So, now, it's quite full. See at the side of the luggage and you can know that it's already used the whole half area of this luggage.

Same procedure. Use to red clip to slide to the end a bit and allow some space for the tube to go in. 

And hit the 'on' button. And walaaa! Look at the side again! It's like it only takes up one quarter of my luggage. 

After that, I put my boots, my sister's boots, Longchamp handbag, hairdryer, toiletries and makeup stuff, and I still got three quarter of the luggage empty! 

And I thought it was going to be a disaster packing a night before. I thought I was going to eat a lot of chocolate to cure the headache that I was expecting.. Pheww.

I LOVE THIS VACUUM BAG THING! Oh, and if you are getting one, get the one with a hole that's for the vacuum tube there already. It will usually be in the middle of the bag. I should have gotten that one. It's a lot easier and convenient.

Also, going to a winter place doesn't require you to take a lot of clothes, at least that's what I think. I mean, as I was packing I was thinking too. And surprisingly i didn't pack a lot of clothes compared to if I was going to KL for same duration of days.

Winter means no sweat, no sweat means no sweating. No sweating means no need to keep changing clothes. Hahaha.

Oh wellz. Counting the hours till I can leave the office and finalize my packing.

Winter wonderland, here we come okay?


Answer: A toilet roll!