05 March 2014

Final Countdown.

It is quite obvious to anyone who reads my tweets, or blog and see my Facebook page to know that I am too excited for the trip to happen tomorrow.

Too excited. In fact, all I think about is that. That and how to pack all the things I want to bring there in a single suitcase. No wonder people/friends who study overseas always complain about packing.

Believe it or not, until now, I haven't start packing anything yet. 
Zero items in the luggage. 
Err.. Actually the luggage is still in the cupboard somewhere. 
Not even out yet. Hah.

In about 6 minutes, I'll be driving to the airport to get 61 boarding passes. 

Actually 59 boarding passes since last minute two people couldn't make it for the trip. 

WHAT A WASTE. Cannot change name sumore. So, it's literally forfeited ticket. SUCH A WASTE SERIOUSLY! Not that I'm not being sensitive to the reason why they couldn't make it. Oh well. 

There's always next time to explore Korea, backpack style *hints Koay hints*

Speaking of that, he really did took leave on Thursday and Friday. Looks like both of us have our holidays all planned out nicely :)

It'll be a great weekend, guys. A cold one too :)