11 March 2014

Short and Sweet.

I am finally back to the island! 

It has been such a sweeeeet getaway though it was a really short one. Short but so many things that were so memorable and super fun. All that experience will be blogged later, maybe tomorrow if I have some time to spare.

Getting ready to work at 1pm today was horrible. 

I woke up and played with baby for a little while and I just wanted to remain in my pajamas whole day. Flying is tiring. Very tiring.

Thursday have to fly again, with MAS. 

Please be safe, people of flight MH370. Please.

Okay, for now I have tons of work to do, although my mind is still in Seoul. Still there. 

Really blessed with this trip and people from Dream Catchers. No doubt it's one of my favorite company/brand :)