24 March 2014


It has been almost three weeks since the holiday.

I think I should start planning for the next one soon. The ideal thing to do would be a short getaway once every month, and since money is an issue, we shall plan for a budget trip, but where. BUT WHERE.

This year, we've got so many plans that we want to make sure we do it.

Like hike up Mount KK and getting scuba diving license in Perhentian Island.

The two tops the holiday priority list this year. Maybe visit Singapore Zoo also but this one is more like MINE, not so much for him since he not really a big fan of the zoo. 

Problem is money and time and annual leave.

Quite stressful.

Oh! And one more problem. Finding people to go with us. This is one is susah-est of all.

Never mind. I shall remain positive about this whole thing since we still have eight/nine months to plan. 

March has got to be the busiest month yet. Apparently, we are expecting April to be busier than this month. That's a bit too scary to think of.

On another note, it is a sad thing that I couldn't make it to Leadership Retreat this year. Today actually. I don't think I've ever missed any for the past 12 years. Err... Okay, maybe I did some of the years. 

What made it worse is that everyone is there! EVERYONE! Even Koay is there. He just called and looks like it's pretty cold up there. Ahhh. This is such mean torture.