27 March 2014

A Night Up There.

I couldn't make it to attend the entire retreat this year, although initially I thought it was going to be possible since none from the Sales team took leaves. 

Manatau, suddenly straight two of them took a whole week off and their case more important. Both already got flight tickets bought. One to Beijing and the other to Perth.

So, the best I could do is spend the second night there and leave early in the morning straight to work, which is exactly what I did. 

Tiring, yes. Lack of sleep, definitely.

Worth it because it took my mind away from work and those laughter cured my headaches. Get to escape the heat down there for a while too. 

Veryyy good :)

Finding out our spiritual gifts. It's different than our natural talents.

Lesson learnt: Never put in not-that-hot-water into milo because it taste funny and un-milo. Just be patient and wait for the other kettle to boil. Just wait. Killed one lalat since it was buzzing around me like no one's business. Straight trapped it into my mug, only to realize that still got milo in there. 

 Supper time! Who opens cup noodles like that? Just poke through it with the thumb. 

I hope you guessed it right before scrolling down. Haha. Actually, I was quite shocked with this "habit" of his. First time I see people open cup noodles like that. FIRST TIME. Oh and he's like so normal and proud of it. Me, I was at the verge of killing him! Okaylah, not that serious BUT I ALWAYS WANT TO OPEN THE LID NICELY SO IT WILL BE LIKE A PERFECT CIRCLE! 

It wasn't a pleasant, long, undisturbed sleep here. I kept waking up at night, no idea why. I was the first one to go out at 630am only to see a dark sky. Went out again at 7am and such beautiful colors I see. No one else was awake. Minutes later, Koay walked out and we both sat at the bench, just staring blankly. It feels good to have spent that few minutes in the quiet, next to each other. It was good :)

I can do these kind of things, attend the same old thing year in year out, go to the same place for the same reason and I will still have excitement in my heart.

It has been 12 good years :)