09 July 2014

5D4N Osaka, Japan: Day IV.

Update: You can now find the other days here: Day IDay IIDay III, Day V and first ONSEN experience!

Every morning, for sure I wake up before my phone alarm goes off. For sure. Thanks to the sun that shines super bright at about 5am. It's beautiful though.

Day four begins. That also means going home real soon. Sad and happy at the same time. Sometimes, my emotions are confused with each other. Sometimes. Life is difficult sometimes. 

Today, we will be travelling to Osaka! To be more chun, WE ARE GOING TO UNIVERSAL STUDIO JAPAN! *dances around and screams*

Universal Studio and Disneyland were never top in my must-go-to list but when the reality hits that I'm seriously going to one of it for free sumore, I was on top of the world. I'm not into cartoon stuff and animated things, but Universal Studio truly is a happy place. Okay, I will go to that later on. Let's continue with the day first.

Breakfast was good. Good because we finally get to eat western food. Quite jelak with Japanese food by then. Too bad no choo char in Japan. Haha. Their breakfast spread very different and exclusive. Can make own healthy drink and stuff. Very nice lah. Price also very good. I had a cup of coffee because I didn't know what else to take to complete my tray. Hah.

Saying goodbye to my room and Hotel Granvia Kyoto was difficult. Even more difficult than the first 3 hotels. Oh maybe same as Hotel Rosa Blanca. Hmm. Both I like leh! 

We pushed our luggages and boarded the JR train to the happy place. With train, it takes about an hour to reach. Three quarter of the time, we were standing. Japan has too many humans d seriously. 

After the long ride that felt like it took few hours, we finally reached Universal-City! Now, the excitement started to kick in. The heavy luggage seems lighter now. My feet suddenly don't hurt anymore. Dramatic a bit. 

We went in through the employee's way because we're special like that. Heh. We were greeted by Ms Yasuyo and then walked around the happy place like a boss. Nolah, not like a boss lah. Like a typical Asian got lah. Keep snapping photos and taking selfies. Hah.

Honda cars FTW! #foreverahondafan

Everything is such an eye candy. Everything is gorgeous and colorful and nice!

The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman 3D - most popular ride here. Yes it was but not recommended for those who has motion sickness.

This one also quite good but again, not for people with motion sickness. I almost puked my breakfast after those two rides. Of course I quickly force myself to recover. Many more nice rides waiting leh.

Best part: NO NEED TO LINE UP. We really walked in like some celebrities except we don't have a crazy crowd shouting our names and asking for signatures. BUT IT FELT AWESOME!

More pretty places, which photos can't really show. Too bad.

One of my favorite ride. They made it so real. Oh gosh I don't even know how to explain to you guys. It's too nice d!

For us, it was only 4 minutes. *grins*

The mini lake for the Jaws' ride. SO NICE OKAY! ALL SO REAL!


After lunch, it was time for a live performance at the Waterworld. This is something that blew my mind away. My first time of watching a live drama. They were so good. They even have real mini plane flew over the gate and landed on the water in front of us. They used real fire sumore. 

It's basically like those common story line that you see in the movies. Girl got kidnapped by some bad guys. Hero comes to her rescue and almost got killed and the bad men dies in the end of course. The story if typical. It's the way they did it that made it so wow!

I video some parts of it but watching in the video is not as nice. It's really good. I was not distracted at all throughout the entire show. Super good.

We sat on the Splash Zone but after seeing how wet people can get, we went a few rows back! Haha.

After the amazing show, we walked around for  abit more, did some shopping and it was time for us to get to our next hotel, Kansai Airport Washington Hotel.

We walked to Rinku Premium Outlets, where famous brands like Michael Kors, Burberry, Coach and Prada is found. There were major sales going on but I didn't bother lah.

We walked separately and met up again for dinner. We had one of the yummiest ramen ever. It was a great last night in Osaka. 

Oh this! The newest addition but only opening on the 15th July 2014! What is this!!

There's always time to rest and charge your phone while shopping. Hah.

Day four, done. 

Day four was a sad day but not as sad as compared to day five. Stay tuned for last day in Japan!