24 July 2014

Belated Graduation Gift.

It's crazy you know.

It's been almost two years since I walked on that stage receiving that scroll. 

1st of August will be my two years exactly of being with this company. 

Super madness.

Anyways, my sister has always wanted to get me a cross necklace as my graduation gift but never did because couldn't find one that I like. That and when I did find one that I like, it's way too over the budget, like four figures way over kind. So yeah.

Finally, spotted on at Gurney plaza and it's on sale sumore. Such goodie good.

We went to get it and needless to say, I was the happiest this week that day. 

Made of solid silver and coated with white gold.

Lifetime warranty on all parts and services.

It's simple and unique because it's a bit senget.

The rest that I saw had a little too much bling and I do not really like too sparkly things.

So, this is the chosen one.

Never gonna take it out. Can wear 24 hours even during shower time. It will not turn yellow and even if it does, it will take a long time, and no need to worry because they provide a LIFETIME warranty on all parts and services.

Thank you, che!

You are the best fireball, hot mama :)