01 July 2014

Up Up Here We Go.

It was supposed to be a quick session of fun tennis at Ben's but he didn't book the court. Apparently, he saw the manager walked past him and he smiled at him and that's all he did. YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO TELL HIM YOU WANT TO BOOK THE COURT BRO. Hah. Who wasn't kidding, Ben? *winks*

Anyways, we had a meeting on Sunday and since no captain ball, we wanted to do something instead of going home and laze. 

While lunching with the bunch, Koay looked up and saw that Penang Hill was covered with thick mist and looks really cool and randomly say that maybe he should go up there while we have our meeting. Of course, that sparked something and from there we started discussing buying scones at Tesco or any bakery shop and have like a cooling picnic up there AFTER our meeting. 

Koay supposed to go get the scones. He wanted to get already then at one moment everyone was like giving signals that maybe they won't go already. So, I told him no need to get it since it might be just both of us and we're not big fans of scones anyway. 

After meeting, suddenly everyone else can. Too bad no scones. Hah.

Spontaneous trips like that really make me happy. And happy girls are the prettiest :)

It was cooling, fun and filled with so much laughter. It was one of the best spontaneous trips that we had. Many more to come :)

Bring your student cards and Mykad. It was only RM4 for student and Mykad and RM8 for adults with Mykad. Both ways.

Winter has got to be my favourite season so far.

The many shots because Gary refused to come intake. 

When in a cold place, buy a packet of kacang kuda and enjoy it.

Who wasn't kidding, Ben?

Kacang kuda lover he is.

And Sarah's lover also. Heh.

Benjiii and his selfie moment.

"There are shortcuts to joy. Gathering is one of them"