11 July 2014

From Japan With Love.

If you ask me whether things in Japan (in general) are expensive? 

My answer is yes.

Everything is expensive, IF convert into RM.

Wait, actually not all things. Cosmetics (men and women) are a lot cheaper compared to Malaysia. 

Here are some of the things that I bought (mostly food stuff) that I would like to blog about. 

You may already know that one of the things that I wanted to get is as many different flavors of Kit Kat as I can find. That means most of my money will be basically for that purpose only. 

This Japan trip was a fully paid one so I only had to bring my own pocket money. I decided to bring 16,000 Yen (about RM500 plus minus) and U$100. I didn't want to bring a lot because I know I sure won't bring home the extra money. I did really spend all my yen and saved most of my US dollars. Such achievement for self control I tell you. 

It may seem like RM500 is very little but then, i bought back quite a lot of things wor. So, I was glad that I only brought RM500. Other than all the items below, I also bought two dresses for mom and her firstborn, clothes for Kelly and Sha Lynn, notto miss out the the bro-in law and boyfriend, two K-Palette Eyeliner and errr I can't remember already. 

Two K-Palette Eyeliner because it's so cheap in Japan! It only costs about RM30 there. In Malaysia, you can find them in Sasa and they cost about RM60 each! I only wanted to try this brand after watching the Clicknetwork TV: Tried and Tested and it looks like this brand really can tahan oil, water and very long-lasting. So, since so cheap, buy two and keep. Hah. Girls..

Moving on.

So yeah, shopping has been a lot of fun in Japan. 

Oh oh! If you want to get branded bags/purse, get it in Japan! It's so affordable here okay but too bad I didn't get any! When they got sales, seriously mad la okay. Don't compare to U.S. lah because that one like you have to travel so far. This one is good enough. 

Sidetrack a bit since we're in this branded bags topic. My colleague's brother came back from U.S. and got her a Michael Kors handbag and it only costs about RM800. Here for the same bag, it's RM1,800!

Crazy right?

Okay, so the goodies from Japan. Prices are plus minus you get it. Here we go :)

Elmo Cookies from Universal Studio Japan (3,150 yen = RM100)

Ninja Shuriken Cookies (a gift from the shop owner)
Packed Dorayaki (a gift from the shop owner)
Green tea snack-kind-of-biscuit (500 yen = RM15)

Japanese-style Pecan White Chocolate ((a gift from Hotel Rosa Blanca)
Hardest-cookies-in-the-world with a mini hammer inside (a gift from the shop owner)
Wasabi snack (dad's favorite)
700 yen = RM21

Strawberry Shortcake Crunch (can't remember)
Mini-different-flavors-cookies (65 yen = RM2 each)
Dars (100 yen = RM3)

 Mini Green Tea Kit Kat and Dark Chocolate Kit Kat
2 packets for only 500 yen = RM15

Red Bean Kit Kat (1500 yen = RM45)

Strawberry Kit Kat (1500 yen = RM45)

Vanilla Kit Kat (can't remember)

Raspberry Kit Kat (can't remember)

Sakura Matcha Kit Kat (1500 yen = RM45)

Quite proud of the total collection of Kit Kat that I managed to grab this time in Japan. I was really looking for the chilli flavored but couldn't find it anywhere. These are good enough. So happy lahh.

I saw these two pair of shoes and I immediately know both my dad and Vanessa would love it. True enough :)

A satisfied traveller I was. 

Thank You Jesus for all the blessings that has always been beyond all measures.