10 July 2014

5D4N Osaka, Japan: Day V.

Update: You can now find the other days here: Day IDay IIDay III, Day IV and first ONSEN experience!

We stayed at Kansai Airport Washington Hotel on our last night here. Reason being the nearest hotel to Kansai Airport. Also, if not mistaken most if not all cabin crew and pilots stay there whenever they have a flight to this land. So yeah. Early morning can see all the pretty ladies and handsome pilots. I don't understand why all pilots that I see are really good looking. Seriously. Not all cabin crews are pretty right? Heh.

Anyways, we had a simple breakfast at the hotel. Oh did I mention all the rooms in this hotel is a smoking room. As in ALL ROOMS! Minus point for that lah seriously. We walked in and immediately can smell already. They provide spray-on air freshener but I think it's just water. No difference eh.

Back to breakfast. After breakfast, I saw a small convenience store and quickly made my way there to see if I can last minute find anymore unique flavors of Kit Kat. One of my main focus this trip was to look for as many different types of Kit Kat I can find. Quite happy with what I got. 

It took about 10 minutes to the airport, and guess who greeted us at the check-in counter? 

Mr Muragishi, the Deputy General Manager of Kansai Foundation that funded us this whole trip. What an honor, really. He walked us in until to the gate where he can't go in. If he could, he would walked us all the way to the airplane I kid you not. God bless this man. He followed us throughout the whole week and he came to bid us farewell. His service seriously one of the best already. The only sad thing was he couldn't really communicate in English. Yeah. Thanks Mr Muragishi! :)

We went for one last shopping inside before heading to our waiting area to be flew back. As usual, being me I don't really like to bring back extra foreign money back so I managed to spend every yen at the airport which is not that much really. 

Selina and I purposely checked in together so we could sit next to each other again and we did! At the emergency area sumore. Massive leg room yay! 

They served us lunch and it was pretty yummy. Who agrees with me that MAS serves the best hot bun ever? Not that I've tried some other airplanes but seriously. BEST GILERR. For teatime, they gave us muffin and green tea ice cream which was super yummy. 

I waited for a few hours at KLIA before flying back to Penang. Upon collecting my luggage, I noticed that it has been mishandled :( It's quite new okay. So heartbroken. It was only when I wasnted to load it in the car that I realized the big crack and went back into the MAS counter to get it fixed. 

I went back home and realized that one of the four wheels were missing too. Just few days ago, I sent it to them to get it done up and now, they already called up to say it's done. Quite fast not bad.

That's pretty much all about my Japan experience. I shall be posting up about what I got from there and how much it costs (if I can still remember!) soon. 

Ahh, I miss Japan already.